Our Reviewers

17492714_1658678797481584_8282537722714882820_oNicole Schrader is writer and founder of https://www.BookBlurbs.org.  She is a retired home school mother and eight-year Nanowrimo novelist. Schrader has contributed articles regarding homeschooling to the Florida Parent Educators Association Blog, and blogs regularly on Light at the End of the Tunnel at https://www.nlmschrader.blog. Her desire is to give hope by communicating truth through story. Her current works include: (Picture Books) Darwin’s Awakening, What if Mommy Decorated with Toilet Paper Streamers? (Board Book Series) The Spectacular Seed Collection.


28698918_1783204251722462_4377072322546984319_oJann W. Martin—author, teacher, speaker and blogger— Her dream is to captivate the hearts of children, by writing stories that teach them of the Bible through the eyes of a child. She has a B.A. from Michigan State University, Commissioned, Associate in Ministry from Trinity Lutheran Seminary. You can join her at www.jannwmartin.com, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+


IMG_20180319_171325_548Sierra Peterson loves to dive into books, whether reading or writing them and can often be found in her book corner with a hot cup of coffee. But when she’s not there, she can be found playing guitar, having coffee with friends, or planting flowers in the greenhouse where she works part-time.