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IMG_4402Born Again by Charles Colson and/or

The autobiography of Charles Colson, once Counsel to President Nixon, convicted and imprisoned for obstruction to justice in the Watergate trials. This is the story of his conviction and conversion to Christianity. It is a timely book in light of our current political/media climate. Colson founded Prison Fellowship Ministries International and went on to author over 22 books in his lifetime.

Colson, Charles W. Born Again. Baker Pub. Group, 2008.

Lesson Plan for Literature – Autobiographies

Through Gates of Splendor by Elizabeth Elliott

In this book, Elizabeth Elliott, tells the story of her missionary journey with first husband and martyr, Jim Elliott. They went to Ecuador with four other couples to minister to unreached tribal communities with the gospel of Jesus Christ. This book tells the story of their mission and the murder of the five husbands by the Waodani warriors.

Elliot, Elisabeth. Through Gates of Splendor. Tyndale House Publishers, 1996.


A Bad Beginning by Lemony Snicket

The three Baudelaire children are orphaned and sent to live with supposed relative, Count Olaf. But find their living situation is miserable and their guardian is only after their inheritance. Although cleverly written, the story is truly unfortunate. The adults portrayed in the books are either imbeciles, villains, or likely to be killed. However, my children enjoyed the story and we ended up reading the entire series.BadBeginning

Snicket, Lemony, and Brett Helquist. The Bad Beginning. Thorndike Press, 2000.

LPFL A Bad Beginning


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