The Progeny

Written in the first person, present tense, Tosca Lee places readers directly into the mind of her protagonist, Emily Jacobs. The problem is, Emily has erased her memory and self-discovery was never so dangerous. Revelation takes Emily, and us, on a crazy journey back in time and around the world.

This fast-paced novel was thrilling. The thought of not knowing who you are or who to trust, is intriguing. The story is part of a series, which means you will be left wanting more. Nevertheless, it’s well written and worth the read.


I recommend The Progeny for high school readers as there is an element of violence. I would not categorize this novel as overtly Christian, but there are discussion questions in the addendum. This book will provide opportunity to discuss how the past influences the present, our identity, trust, and sacrifice.



Lee, Tosca Moon. The Progeny: a Novel. Center Point Large Print, 2016.


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