AD 30


AD 30 by Ted Dekker is a new favorite for me. I went to the library looking for something new to read this Christmas, and AD 30 was on display. From the moment I picked it up, the storyline has filled my thoughts. I’m always surprised how God uses fiction as well as his Word to impact my faith.

AD 30 is the tale of a young Bedouin woman whose life was characterized by shame. But this illegitimate daughter of the sheik turns out to be the only one who can restore his honor. Her journey takes her across desert sands to King Herod in Galilee. Along the way, she encounters Jeshua (Jesus) whose words give her the courage to face her fears.

It’s a marvelous story and one worth the read – even at 450 pages. I highly recommend this book for middle schoolers and up. Parents, this one is one you will want to read as well.

Loved your book, Ted Dekker! Thank you.


Dekker, Ted. A.D. 30. Center Street, 2014.

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