A Frog Thing

A Frog Thing by James Muscarello

Reviewed by Ellinor G., Age 9

A Frog Thing is a book about Frank the frog. The author of this book is Eric Drachman and the illustrator is James Muscarello.  In this book, Frank really wants to fly and sets his mind to do it. But he is a frog, and frogs don’t fly. In the end, Frank’s dream comes true!

image1I thought this book was funny and cute. Sometimes I felt sorry for Frank because everyone was laughing at him.  But he had great ideas and I thought they were unique.

This book shows when you keep trying, never give up, and use some creativity, you can do new things. I would recommend this book to others because it teaches to be creative and that you don’t have to be like everyone else.

Drachman, Eric, and James Muscarello. A Frog Thing. Imagine Nation Books, 2010.

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