Dragon Masters

Dragon Masters by Tracey West

Reviewed by Christie Thomas and kids!
51NsY3o-fyLThe Dragon Masters series from Scholastic miraculously engaged all three of my boys. In it, four children are brought to the castle in the Kingdom of Bracken because the “dragon stone” has chosen each child to train a specific dragon. Together, the children solve problems, learn to connect with their dragons, and thwart bad guys. Because there are illustrations on each page, this series was instrumental in helping my 7-year-old bridge the gap between short picture books and chapter books. My 4-year-old, who is notorious for interrupting multiple times whenever we read, sat still and listened carefully to each book. Even my 9-year-old and I got into the stories. I found myself reading the stories in the car or after bedtime, just so I could keep up with the plot! Half the main characters are brave, intelligent girls, so this series has broad appeal.

We like them because we like dragons! Jackson, age 4

You never know what’s going to happen next. Ethan, age 9

I like it because it’s interesting. Oliver, age 7


Christie Thomas is also featured on our Home page as the Bedtime Devo Mama. For more about Christie go to ChristieThomaswriter.com. 


West, Tracey, and Graham Howells. Rise of the Earth Dragon. Scholastic Inc., 2014.

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