The Mona Lisa Mirror Mystery

The Mona Lisa Mirror Mystery by Latayne C. Scott

The Mona Lisa Mirror Mystery by Latayne C. Scott is a novella which takes the reader back and forth between the present-day world and Renaissance Italy.

41NNEc+kz-LA strange sensation overcomes sixteen-year-old, Addy Serna, while she’s looking into the eyes of the Mona Lisa print hanging on her bedroom wall. WHOOSH! Suddenly, she finds herself in the presence of Lisa Giocondo – Mona Lisa herself. There’s drama and danger in both worlds, but Addy finds a way to overcome.

I enjoyed the first-person narrative, it drew me into the story directly. Teenage girls will certainly identify with Addy Serna. She is intelligent, well-read, compassionate, and brave. I especially appreciated her Christian character.

The storytelling is a bit slow at first and it does feel as though a sixteen-year-old is writing the book. It starts as a light adventure, but Addy finds herself dealing with more mature issues. (Cautionary Note: a friend has been abused by a relative.)

Scott, Latayne Colvett. The Mona Lisa Mirror Mystery. Cruciform Press, 2018.

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