Winter of the Ice Wizard

Winter of the Ice Wizard, by Sal Murdocca.
Reviewed by Bella F., Age 10
Winter of the Ice Wizard is the fourth book of the Magic Tree House Merlin Missions series. The author of the book is Mary Pope Osborne and the illustrator is Sal Murdocca.
In Winter of the Ice Wizard,Jack and Annie use the magic tree house to travel to the Land-Behind-the-Clouds. The Ice Wizard of the land has kidnapped Merlin and Morgan Le Fay.
The evil Ice Wizard has Merlin’s Staff of Strength and will not return it unless Jack and Annie retrieve his missing eye. In Jack and Annie’s quest they flee from wolves, discover the truth of the Frost Giant, and meet the Swan Maiden.
I enjoyed the adventure and mystery of this book. The book encourages brothers and sisters to work together and care for one another.
Osborne, Mary Pope., and Sal Murdocca. Winter of the Ice Wizard. Scholastic Inc., 2017.



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