E.B. White’s Classics

61Dvo5DcSEL Stuart Little

Stuart is a mouse who is adopted into the Little family. Although his parents don’t seem to notice a difference in Stuart, he struggles to be accepted by his new brother. Life in a big world poses unlimited dangers for a small mouse.

Charlotte’s Web

Fern is a young girl who loves a piglet she names Wilbur. Wilbur becomes beloved by the other farm animals as well as to Charlotte, a unique spider who can spell. As Wilbur grows into a big pig his life on the farm with Fern is threatened, but Charlotte has an idea to save his life.

Both stories by E.B. White are delightful classics every child should read. Stuart, Wilbur, and Charlotte teach us about the value of friendship and loyalty.




White, E. B., and Garth Williams. Stuart Little. Puffin Books, 2007.

White, E. B. Charlotte’s Web: E.B. White (1899-1985). Cornerstones Education Limited, 2013.


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