My Non-Fiction Favorites

Non-fiction favorites for students of every age to fill your library should include:

The Magic School Bus – fun and effective learning tools, each book is a science adventure of exploration. Filled with fun facts presented in a visually appealing way, Inside Ralphie and Missing Bones take students on a field trip into the human body.

Dorling Kindersley Books (DK) – these visually attractive and engaging books provide  factual information as well as experiments for students to try at home. DK Books cover everything from animals to the stars. How the Body Works introduces children to the major systems of the human body.

Fun fact books, such as Grossology, 101 Things Every Kid Should Know..., and The Mystery of the Periodic Table, are three examples of books which attract and keep the student’s attention while introducing them to the foundations of biology and chemistry.



What are some of your non-fiction favorites?

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