Last Stop on Market Street *

“He wondered how his nana always found beautiful where he never even thought to look.”

On Sundays, CJ goes to church with his nana and from there they take the city bus across town to serve at a soup kitchen. CJ asks several why questions: Why do they have to go serve when other people just go home? Why do they have to ride the bus when other people have a car? Why, why, why? Nana patiently and wonderfully points out the positive aspect of their circumstances.

This Caldecott winning story well deserved the medal. I loved the special bond between grandmother and grandson. Nana gives CJ and all children reading Last Stop on Market Street an expanded perspective.

I highly recommend this book for all children. It would make a delightful gift for any grandchild.

Peña, Matt De la, and Christian Robinson. Last Stop on Market Street. Puffin, 2017. 

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