Fruit Full

100 Family Experiences for Growing in the Fruit of the Spirit by Christie Thomas

Christie Thomas is the founder of Little Shoots Deep Roots (, a ministry which supports parents who desire to establish and strengthen their children’s love for Jesus.

Fruit Full by Christie Thomas

Fruit Full is a devotional for families filled with Bible teaching, fun hands on activities, and practical illustrations and applications focused on the fruits of the Spirit. It is a delightful resource for parents and grandparents wishing to encourage their young people to draw near to God.

So how do we grow in the fruits of the Spirit? Thomas answers—

When Paul wrote about the fruit of the Spirit, he was giving us a metaphor for true life change. We are like plants, and to grow good fruit, we need to be rooted in God’s love for us. Jesus said he is the Living Water and the Light of the World, so when we spend time with him, our lives grow and change, just as if we were plants with proper watering and sunshine. Then, like a tree, we will grow good fruit. And the good fruit that gows in our lives as a result of being with Christ is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. The fruit of the Spirit is evidence of a soul that is growing in Christ.

I highly recommend this book for Christian parents, grandparents, and Sunday school teachers!

Thomas, Christie. Fruit Full: 100 Family Experiences for Growing in the Fruit of the Spirit. Kregel Publications, 2022. 

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