Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens 51NwqjZK+-L

Reviewed in Poetry by Alison B, Age 13
Through My Eyes
To an orphaned child, a fragile soul
Home is the reeking alley, the dirty haystack
Parents are the easily angered employers, the administrators of
Food is the stale crumb, the putrid chunk of meat
Water is the drop that falls from the sky and caresses the swollen
Clothes are the meager rags that hang off of a skeleton body
Money is the object that is of highest importance, though not
often possessed
God is the unseen friend of the rich, the oppressor of the less fortunate
Love is he unfelt emotion, seen but not experienced
Happiness is only found in taking it from others, in the form of stealing, sneaking, looting, spying
Hurt is the bruise on the back, the wounds of a crushed heart
Life is a drudgery to be endured, hoping on day to be rescued
from it by
Death, which is the hope o the abandoned child, who prays that death in body
Will end the physical torture of one who is already
Dead inside, a rotting soul masked by the life of youth


Dickens, Charles. Oliver Twist. by Charles Dickens. British Library, Historic, 2011.

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