The Door Within

The Door Within, The Rise of the Wyrm Lord, and The Final Storm  by Wayne Thomas Batson

Review by Brenna S. 

These books are an amazing blend of fantasy – complete with knights and castles – and modern-day realism. I love this series because Mr. Batson uses it to communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ and God’s plan of salvation.

Aiden’s family has moved across the country to live with his aging Grandpa. Every night Aiden has nightmares about black knights and a benevolent King. In the dreams, a powerful man with red eyes tells Aiden they could rule the world together. All Aiden has to do is deny the King. Grandpa seems to understand the meaning of Aiden’s dreams. Aiden discovers he can travel into the realm of his dreams by way of three scrolls he finds in Grandpa’s basement. He goes on an amazing adventure in which he makes close friendships, learns to sword fight, and even fights dragons. Aiden also learns about the one true king, Eliam.

The Door Within trilogy has endearing characters who will make you laugh, as well as a message which reaches into our world. I love it! 20180803_095205-1-1

Batson, Wayne Thomas. The Door Within. Thomas Nelson, 2013.




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