The Illuminae Files_01


The Illuminae Files_01 by Annie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff, is written in the style of a report from varied sources. This creative approach was a bit distracting at first, but as soon as I got caught up in the drama I was turning pages too fast to notice.

Kady and Ezra flee for their lives when BeiTech destroys their planet. On separate spaceships they find a way to keep in communication. But a deadly virus which causes victims to go on insane killing sprees, a computer AI gone rogue, and a battle cruiser coming to vaporize the surviving witnesses keep the reader guessing.

Can a couple of 18 year olds make a difference in 2575? The answer is still yes. This story had a 2001 Space Odyssey feel. There was a great deal of gruesome violence which could be upsetting, but the storyline was intriguing and kept me riveted.

This series is definitely for older readers (16 years and above). It provides opportunity to discuss what merits personal sacrifice, the current trend of violence in YA literature, the value of trust, and truth.

KAUFMAN, AMIE; KRISTOFF JAY. ILLUMINAE: the Illuminae files_01. ALLEN & UNWIN, 2015.

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