The Sword


The Sword by Bryan Litfin.

The Sword, The Gift and The Kingdom, make up Bryan Litfin’s Chiveis Trilogy.  Litfin’s series takes place in the future. Survivors of nuclear war and a deadly virus, live primitively with a myriad of religious deities. Automobiles and modern methods of war have been replaced by horses and swords. Christianity and the Bible are lost or hidden…until now. In The Sword, the first of the series, Teo and Ana are driven together by circumstance and discover scriptures revealing the One, True, God.

I enjoyed the first of the three books best. The cycle of persecution, near-death experience, and miraculous restoration was intriguing at first, but became predictable in the second and third books. Nevertheless, the series is fun and would entertain young adult readers.

I appreciated most the way Litfin slowly unveils the character of God – first from the Old Testament scriptures and then in the person of Jesus Christ. These books could be a wonderful tool for parents to discuss the person and character of God with their children.

Litfin, Bryan M. The Sword: a Novel. Crossway, 2012.

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