The Birds Our Teachers Essays in Orni-Theology

The Birds Our Teachers Essays in Orni-Theology by John Stott


This is one of my favorite books in the world because it combines the wonder and beauty of birds with the wonderful character of God. Stott always points us to the Creator and teaches us how to acknowledge him in the world around us.

In the first chapter, The Feeding of Ravens: Faith, Stott shows us what it means to trust God for the supply of everything we need. The following chapters continue with similar revelation and delightful photographs of birds and information about them.

The hardcover copy of this book contains a DVD of Stott’s personal account from a trip to the Falkland Islands.

I highly recommend this book to readers of all ages! I used it as a devotional when I homeschooled my three children. It’s a must read!

Stott, John. The Birds Our Teachers Essays In Orni-Theology. Hendrickson Publishers, Collectors Ed., 2011.

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