Let there be LIGHT

An Opposites Primer by Danielle Hitchen and Jessica Blanchard

This delightful board book is one in a series called Baby Believer. Hitchen and Blanchard share the truths from God’s word to teach young children about the world God created as well as introduce educational basics.

The simple illustrations are colorful and creative!

Let There Be Light introduces opposites—light/dark, wet/dry, empty/full, are just a few shared.

I purchased this board book for my one-year-old grandson and can’t wait to read it to him. A great gift for grandchildren and a good book to buy for your church nursery.

Other Baby Believer board books include :

Our God: A Shapes Primer

Jesus Heals: An Anatomy Primer

We Believe: An Alphabet Primer

From Eden to Bethlehem: An Animal Primer

Hitchen, Danielle, and Jessica Blanchard. Let There Be Light: An Opposites Primer. Harvest House Publishers, 2018. 

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