The 49th Mystic

I loved Ted Dekker’s AD30 and AD33. So when I came across, The 49th Mystic, I was eager to jump into another of his adventures. My expectations were not disappointed.

Sixteen-year-old Rachelle Matthews’ life is defined by darkness and fear. When the  Shadow Man who haunts her dreams manifests himself in the planned community of Eden, Utah, Rachelle’s life becomes a nightmare. Ironically, when she sleeps, she is transported to another realm in which she is the 49th Mystic.

The intriguing duality of Rachelle’s worlds propelled me through Dekker’s book One. Apparent issues of legalism, gnosticism, and true Christianity, which have plagued the church since the days of Paul, are the basis of conflict in Rachelle’s alternate reality.

51E4yNMR0jL I recommend The 49th Mystic to middle and high schoolers who are interested and able to read all four books in Beyond the Circle. There is a complete Circle Series eBook available at Google Play. To get the most from this series, I suggest parents read the series with their children and discuss Talya’s Journal in the back matter.



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